BULK Z-Best Organic Compost

Size: 10 Yards - Delivered
Sale price$ 760.00


Z-Best Organic Compost is produced from 100 percent recycled yard trimmings, so it qualifies toward LEED certification points. Z-Best Organic Compost is also listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), so it may be used in organic farming and is also approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture for use on farms, gardens and nurseries.

Z-Best Organic Compost conditions soil and improves aeration, drainage, and water and nutrient-holding capacity. Organic Compost is a helpful addition for heavy clay soils and is an effective pre-plant conditioner for new lawns and gardens. Z-Best Organic Compost particle size is ¼” minus and weighs around 900 lbs per cubic yard.

* Some restrictions apply.  Delivery within 30 miles of Hollister, CA.  Should delivery address be outside the specified delivery zone, extra charges may be required. 

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