MIGHTY109 Sod Preparation Mix, Covers up to 500 Sq Ft.

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MIGHTY109 Sod Preparation Mix is specially formulated to provide your soil what it needs prior to installing new sod.  Simply spread over the selected area.  Evenly water to saturate the soil.  Rototill and mix in MIGHTY109 Sod Preparation Mix into existing soil and rake smooth.  Saturate soil again prior to laying sod. 

  • Aerates and helps water holding properties of your soil. 
  • Adds natural forest product to replicate decomposition and add nutrients.
  • Helps in growth of deep, healthy root systems for lush, green lawns.    
  • Includes lawn starter fertilizer.  

42 Quarts covers up to 500 square feet.  May ship in (2) 21 quart bags for easier handling.  

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