MIGHTY109 Rice Hulls - Enhances Soils, Environmentally Friendly. 48 Quarts.

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MIGHTY109 Rice Hulls improves drainage, water holding capacity and aeration.  Rice Hulls are nontoxic, biodegradable and one of the most sustainable soil amendments.  Use similar to Peat Moss or Coco Coir.  MIGHTY109 Rice Hulls are naturally a neutral pH.  

  • MIGHTY109 Rice Hulls improve drainage, water holding capacity and aeration in soils. 
  • Non-Toxic and biodegradable.  
  • Neutral pH
  • One of the most sustainable soil amendments available. 

Using Rice Hulls: 

  • Garden: Spread a layer of MIGHTY109 Rice Hulls about 2 inches deep over the gardening soil.  Mix into the top 6-12 inches of soil.
  • Potted Plants: Mix 10-50% MIGHTY109 Rice Hulls to potting soil. 

Also Great for: 

  • An organic mulch.  Use similar to rice straw. 



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