Mighty 109 Vermiculite Horticulture Grade #2 (Coarse)

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Size: 2 cubic feet
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  • 100% Natural, No additives, A natural Mineral.
  • Great in drought conditions for absorbing and releasing moisture, and Aerating
  • Use in planting, gardening, landscaping, and more.
  • Horticulture Grade Vermiculite
  • Holds water, air and nutrient space in the soil for your plant roots.

Premium Horticulture Grade Vermiculite is great natural way to contain moisture and nutrients in the soil, allowing for less watering when growing, plants, vegetables and more. It is also a great way to aerate, your existing soil. Used by nurseries, farmers, and growers of all types. An odorless, and stable mineral. Even better when combined with Perlite

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