Mighty 109 Organic Hydromax Pro Grade Soil Mix

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Size: 48 Quart Bag
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  • 100% Organic Professional Grade Potting Soil.
  • Pure Ingredients: Poultry Manure, Peat Moss, Perlite (Hort Grade), Vermiculite (Course #2).
  • Great for potted plants, planter boxes, gardens, vegetable gardens, and more.
  • Pre-Mixed and ready to go. Mix with your existing soil, or use as potting soil.

Provide nutrients and retain more moisture in your soil with Mighty 109 Organic HydroMax Perlite / Vermiculite Pro Grade Soil Mix. All natural and organic ingredients. Safe for vegetable gardens, potted plants, planter boxes, and more. Pre-mixed and ready to go out of the bag. Grow better, grow natural, grow mighty 109!

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