BULK MIGHTY109 Natural Cedar Mulch

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Size: 30 Yards - Delivered
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  • 100% Natural Cedar Mulch - Made from genuine cedar, not colored mulch. 
  • Shredded cedar, makes for a light, airy, cover over the soil.
  • Natural, durable material for creating appealing flower beds and garden areas
  • Contains natural pesticide properties and keeps away certain insects from plants
  • Helps prevent soil erosion, regulate soil temperatures, reduce weed growth and conserve moisture.

Mighty 109 Natural Cedar Mulch is a premium mulch made from cedar, not colored mulch as many "cedar mulches". It has a warm natural cedar color, which has natural pesticide properties keeping many insects away from your plants. Cedar also decomposes slowly, making for less re-mulching. 

* Some restrictions apply.  Delivery within 30 miles of Hollister, CA.  Should delivery address be outside the specified delivery zone, extra charges may be required. 

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