MIGHTY109 Gypsum Yeso, Garden Soil Softener

Size: 10 Pounds
Sale price$ 24.99


  • Natural garden soil softener. Loosens heavy, dense, tight soils for better water penetration and root growth.
  • Adds needed calcium and sulfur. Allows unwanted salt to be leaked. Will not burn and non irritating.
  • Great for new or established lawns, flowerbeds, rose gardens, around trees, shrubs, and more.

Mighty109 Gypsum Yeso, Garden Soil Softener. Great for loosening hard, tight soils, and heavy clay soils, allowing for better water penetration. Adds needed calcium and sulfur to your existing soil. Will not burn, and is non irritating. Great for lawns, flowerbeds, around trees, shrubs, roses, and more. 5 lbs per 100 square feet for normal soils, 10-15 lbs per 100 square feet for heavy clay or tight soils.

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