BULK MIGHTY109 "Sahara" White Gold Path Fines

Size: 12 Tons - Delivered
Sale price$ 1,800.00


  • MIGHTY109 "Sahara" White Gold Path Fines, an Engine 109 The Bulk Depot Exclusive. 
  • Use MIGHTY109 "Sahara" White Gold Path Fines the same as decomposed granite, creating beautiful, natural pathways and patios.   
  • MIGHTY109 Sahara White Gold Path Fines compacts even more firm than traditional decomposed granite pathways.
  • If correctly installed, MIGHTY109 Sahara White Gold can easily handle weight without damage, making a great choice for driveways and heavily trafficked pathways. 
  • Beautiful off white color that gives a natural, yet stunning addition to any landscape. 
  • Delivered within 20 miles of Hollister, CA 95023.*

MIGHTY 109 White Gold Path Fines has quickly gained popularity in the landscape community for building natural pathways, patios, and driveways due to it's beautiful white color, and it's ability to create a surface that is even more firm than decomposed granite with less dust kick-up.  Northern California Bulk-Delivery Special. 

* Some restrictions apply.  Delivery within 20 miles of Hollister, CA.  Should delivery address be outside the specified delivery zone, extra charges may be required. 

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