MIGHTY109 Natural DG Pavers. 

The only paver made with natural DG (Decomposed Granite), giving it a beautiful and unique texture, feel and color.  Decomposed granite is know for its natural ability to pack firm, making it a top choice for contractors for making natural pathways and patios.  Using a proprietary mixture, we utilized DG to make a beautiful paver that looks great in any landscape.  The pavers get their color from the Decomposed Granite, making a paver with no added color and no washout.  We have 3 different colors available, Gold (Gold Decomposed Granite), Gray (Gray Decomposed Granite), Sahara (Sahara Fines), and White (White Fines).  

MIGHTY109 DG Pavers are a large 18" x 18" x 2.25" size, great for pathways and patios.  The MIGHTY109 DG Pavers are also easily cut to any size, creating the ability to create a variety of patterns.  


Made from natural DG (Decomposed Granite) without any added color and no washout. 

Each individually hand-crafted. 

Beautiful Tumbled Travetine Finish. 

Various color options available: Gold, Gray, Sahara, White. 

Available for pick up in Hollister, CA.  




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