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Square Feet: 500 with Wowza Sod Prep Mix
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California - Free Delivery
90% Fescue Blend, 10% Bluegrass Blend
Our most popular sod, combined with the best sod preparation mix. Mighty 109 Plus Fescue Blue Sod, is a new generation of Fescue/Bluegrass Blend of sod that provides a darker green color, finer texture and lower growth, while keeping the hardy nature and lower water needs of its original ancestors.  Mighty 109 Plus is an excellent lawn for both home and commercial landscapes.  Mighty 109 Plus is the best choice for higher traffic areas, including yards with pets or kids.   
  • Our most popular sod, Mighty 109 Plus Fescue Blue Sod. 
  • Excellent lawn for home and commercial landscapes.
  • Best choice for yards with pets, kids, or higher traffic areas. 
  • Combines shade tolerance with good drought and disease resistance.
  • Leaf blades are slightly coarser than Mighty 109 Blue Rye Blend. 
  • 90% Fescue, 10% Bluegrass.
  • Roll Size: 24" x 54" = 9 Square Feet. Roll Weight: 40 to 50 Lbs. 1 Pallet = 504 Sq. Ft.**
  • Backed by our Mighty 109 Guarantee. 
  • Mighty 109 Wowza Sod Preparation Mix measured for selected area. Includes delivery in barrels. 

Includes Mighty 109 Wowza Sod Preparation Mix

Wowza Sod Preparation Mix is super packed with high nutrient ingredients, including: Vermiculite, Perlite, Organic Peat, Starter Fertilizer, and weed prevention.  Wowza Sod Preparation Mix includes nutrients to promote a strong and dense root system, critical for lush, healthy, green and long lasting sod.  

Simple and easy to use.  Simply spread and rototill into your existing dirt to transform it into a great nutritional soil foundation for growing lush healthy sod. 


Learning Center : How to Prepare Your Ground for Sod and Installation


 * Bobtail fee of $100 may be assessed if delivery address is not accessible by the standard delivery truck.   Please see Bobtail Disclosure

** Roll Size and Roll Weight can differ. .  

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