Mighty 109 Saint Augustine Sod - Southern California Only

Square Foot: 500 Square Feet - Free Delivery
Delivery Area: Southern California
Preferred Delivery Day: Monday
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California - Free Delivery
A warm season grass which offers a medium green color with a coarse, thick stemmed leaf and texture and a creeping growth habit via stolons. Robust, fast-growing, establishes rapidly. Very shade tolerant and may go dormant in the winter.
For the first 20 days, water as needed to keep the topsoil moist to a 3-inch depth. After 20 days, water three or more times a week during warm weather. In cooler weather, water once or twice a week. Sandy soil requires more frequent watering than clay soil. Inland areas require more water than coastal areas. Special attention should be paid to slopes and mounds where runoff occurs. More frequent, shorter watering may be necessary.
 * Bobtail fee of $100 may be assessed if delivery address is not accessible by the standard delivery truck.   Please see Bobtail Disclosure.  

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