Medallion Plus 90% Tall Fescue Plus 10% Bluegrass Blend (Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside, Long Beach, Orange County Delivery)

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90% Fescue Blend, 10% Bluegrass Blend

Pacific Sod Medallion Plus 90% Tall Fescue Plus 10% Bluegrass Blend Sod:

Closely parallels Medallion in its general form, but its foliage is of a coarser texture, with leaf tips that are more pointed. Better wear tolerance and less susceptible to common turfgrass diseases, Medallion Plus remains green all year


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Medallion Plus closely parallels Medallion Tall Fescue in its general form and growth habits, but as with Medallion, its foliage is slightly coarser textured than Bluegrass. Medallion Plus also requires considerably less water than Bluegrass and Blue/Rye varieties, and is more shade and disease tolerant than these varieties. Lawns planted with Medallion Plus are dense, rich looking and stay green throughout the year. They look their best when mowed at heights of 1½ inches or more.

RECOMMENDED USES: Medallion Plus is recommended for residential, commercial and industrial landscape installations,

COMPOSITION: Medallion Plus is an outstanding mix of 90% improved, turf-type Tall Fescues and 10% Kentucky Bluegrasses which are adaptable to California's varied soil and climate conditions. It is grown in a controlled cultural environment, resulting in healthy sod that is virtually free of weeds, disease and insect infestations.

MEASUREMENTS: Medallion Plus is harvested by machine to a uniform thickness of 5/8 of an inch, plus or minus 1/4 of an inch, plus top growth. SHIPPING STANDARDS: Prior to harvesting, Medallion Plus is mowed uniformly to a height of between 1½ to 2 inches for shipment. It is rolled/folded with the soil facing out to protect the grass from damage, and the sod is stacked on pallets. Each pallet contains approximately 500 square feet of sod. Medallion Plus is shipped sufficiently dry for transportation and handling, yet moist enough to facilitate installation. It should be installed immediately after delivery. Shipping pallets are the property of Pacific Sod. Should pallet pick-up be required, please make arrangements with the office from which the sod was ordered.

TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE: Medallion Plus has a higher temperature tolerance than Blue and Blue/Rye varieties due to its deep and extensive root system. It also grows well in a wide range of temperature conditions, from hot to cool, with very little problem.

WEAR RESISTANCE: Medallion Plus wear resistance and ability to recover from occasional heavy traffic or abuse is greater than 100% Tall Fescues, Bluegrass and Blue/Rye varieties. It is suitable for backyard play areas and similar situations where children and pets have frequent access.

SHADE TOLERANCE: Medallion Plus prefers a sunny location, but it will perform well in light shade situations. Medallion Plus is more shade tolerant than Bluegrass and Blue/Rye mixes.

COLOR: Medallion Plus has a deep, rich, blue-green color which remains fairly consistent throughout the year when properly maintained.

 TEXTURE/DENSITY: Established Medallion Plus will be slightly finer in texture and denser than 100% Tall Fescue sods, though not as fine or dense as Bluegrass or Blue/Rye mixes.

SMOG TOLERANCE: Medallion Plus exhibits normal resistance to smog, and will suffer ill effects only if subjected to extreme smog conditions over prolonged periods of time.

SALT TOLERANCE: Medallion Plus has fair tolerance to saline soil conditions, and will suffer no ill effects if the soil was properly amended before the sod was installed.


WATERING: Newly planted Medallion Plus should be watered daily and soaked thoroughly for the first 10 to 14 days to avoid drying out, and to enable the rooting system to penetrate its new soil environment. Once the sod has been established, watering frequency may be reduced. Due to varying soil and climate conditions, it is difficult to recommend a definite schedule. However, because of its deep and extensive rooting system, soaking the lawn twice a week generally is considered adequate in most summer weather situations.

MOWING: Medallion Plus should be mowed regularly with a rotary mower. It should be mowed at a height of between 1½ to 2 ½ inches, depending on individual preference. Never remove more than one-third of the top growth at any one mowing.

FERTILIZATION: To maintain its beauty, dense appearance and rich color, Medallion Plus requires a consistent fertilization schedule. In most cases, a good complete fertilizer is required twice a year, with the most beneficial applications being made in the spring and fall. All other fertilizer applications may be made with a straight Nitrogen product such as Ammonium Sulfate. During the spring, fall and winter months, Medallion Plus should be fertilized at regular 4 to 6 week intervals with ½ to 1 pound of actual Nitrogen applied to each 1,000 square feet of lawn. During the hot summer months, fertilizer rates may be reduced.

WEED, INSECT AND DISEASE CONTROL: Medallion Plus is guaranteed to be free of weeds, insects, and disease when it is delivered. However, in some lawn installations, weed and insect infestations may occur from close proximity to neighboring lawns which have these problems. Various cultural practices may be used to eliminate these problems; however should chemical controls be required, they should be used in accordance with the written instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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