Natural Cedar Mulch Bulk (45 Boxes) Shredded Red Cedar Mulch

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This 100% natural cedar mulch is made from shredded red cedar, perfect for gardening and landscaping. The mulch is easy to spread, helps retain soil moisture, and aids in weed suppression. It's also great for landscaping beds, pathways, and more.

  • 100% Natural Cedar Mulch - Made from genuine cedar, not colored mulch. 
  • Shredded cedar, makes for a light, airy, cover over the soil.
  • Natural, durable material for creating appealing flower beds and garden areas
  • Contains natural pesticide properties and keeps away certain insects from plants
  • Helps prevent soil erosion, regulate soil temperatures, reduce weed growth and conserve moisture. 

45 (48 Quart) Boxes Shipped on a Pallet.  Pallet size 48"x48"x72"

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