MIGHTY109 DG Stabilizer 1 Gallon.

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  • MIGHTY109 Decomposed Granite Stabilizer is a natural psyllium based product that binds decomposed granite, sands, or soil to reduce movement, dust, and washout. Great for Decomposed granite pathways, patios or driveways. Mixed with sand, it helps fill joints in pavers. 
  • Directions: Mix approximately 5 lbs to 1/2 ton of decomposed granite. Once spread in the desired area, add water to moisten. Ensure to add enough to saturate to the bottom layers. Let sit for 1 hour to ensure proper swell time. If area starts to dry, add more water to keep moist. Compact with tamper or roller. Keep moist until you get the area the way you want. Let dry for 24-48 hours.
  • Material: psyllium husk
  • Item form: Powder

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